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What people think I mean when I say I mostly read books by queer authors: modern queer ya

What I actually mean: Bram Stoker was notoriously closed off about his personal life but there's significant evidence that he loved men, including letters that he exchanged with Walt Whitman which alluded to liking dudes in a 'love that dare not speak its name' kinda way, and there's also some scholars who propose that Dracula was inspired directly by Oscar Wilde's sodomy trial but even if it wasn't it's still very informed by Stoker's sexuality and there are some very interesting queer readings you can make about victorian repression/being in the closet with relation to Johnathan Harker. In this essay I will-

*Slowly comes back to waterfall after several months of what essentially amounts to sitting in my room playing the sims and reading walt whitman* hey what's up did y'all hear about destiel

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Can we PLEASE appreciate how much this picture of Hugh Dancy in college exudes Dyke Energy™?

Like there's just so much here- the overalls, the backpack, the wine bottle, the bare feet, the hand in the hair, the way he's contorted his body to rest his head on his knee, the woman in the background playing croquet like this is the reception to a backyard lesbian wedding! I Can Not get over it.

savethelesbians -

Still a bit bummed because I was all set to run a Dread game... that we had to cancel because it was scheduled for the day after my school ended up shutting down the campus and Dread is like the one trpg you can't really do online

savethelesbians -

The last time I was going to run Dread with this group (my school's board game club) we also had to cancel because of outside forces so like.. maybe this game just doesn't want me to play it lmao

Still a bit bummed because I was all set to run a Dread game... that we had to cancel because it was scheduled for the day after my school ended up shutting down the campus and Dread is like the one trpg you can't really do online

What this whole social distancing/self isolation thing has really taught us is that if you leave me alone for more than two days I'll cut my own hair

Sona Doodles

just some doodles of my persona, playing w colors and style i guess

This is Ferdinand's rough body type- the goal is for him to look like he has like just a few too many bones

Skshdksksks I'm sorry I only come on here to vent and then leave I just keep running out of content super quickly

I'm anxious today and the executive dysfunction is bad BUT on the other hand I read a batman/superman twilight au fanfic so it's really a toss up

Sometime idk why I even bother telling cis people my pronouns like... none of these people even know what the word pronoun means

i like to make sonas out of the skates i get, and for my latest pair i decided to make one with different outfits - it's named 'morphe' and all of its different outfits are called "[name] morphe"!

Today on why I'm crying:

I spent the past two days fighting with myself to read a long form poem and then found out that not only was I reading the wrong poem, but that the assigned poem was 1000% easier to get through and I could've saved myself a lot of trouble

I recently rewatched both Guardians of the Galaxy movies and they’re so much fun!

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this site is like a slumber party but none of us know each other that well, we're all completely different and hate drama, and we're all too nice/anxious to be mean

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hey i have the new meme

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have you heard? the rubbish heaven official is having an affair with the ghost real's number one big shot!