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Can we PLEASE appreciate how much this picture of Hugh Dancy in college exudes Dyke Energy™?

Like there's just so much here- the overalls, the backpack, the wine bottle, the bare feet, the hand in the hair, the way he's contorted his body to rest his head on his knee, the woman in the background playing croquet like this is the reception to a backyard lesbian wedding! I Can Not get over it.

I saw this and immediately felt compelled to draw over it with my d&d character, Ask-Not-for-Forgiveness.

(The tiefling is mine, the character on the right belongs to my friend)

Just found out today is International Lesbian Day!! I spent the day celebrating by doing fuck-all!

I don't think I've posted a selfie on here yet but you know what!! I feel good about myself today it's selfie time!

My friend works at Starbucks and I guess I'm Vriska now

Two postcards published in England during World War 1 by Bamforth & Co., drawn by Douglas Tempest, depicting two women kissing. "Comic" series No. 349 and "Witty Comics" Series No. 548 respectively.

[Image description: two illustrated postcards depicting women in early World War One era clothing kissing.The first postcard is captioned: "Girls are doing all the fellows' jobs now!". In the second postcard, a thought bubble is positioned above one of the women showing her kissing a soldier, and the caption reads: "This is another job the men will want back when they come home!".]